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Exciting! Your dog is one step closer to joining the pack.

Adventures & Walks are a long term weekly commitment, with spaces filled from dogs on the waitlist. 
You'll be contacted within 3 months to book your dog in for a trial walk if a suitable space has opened up. ​
Dogs are selected for best match to the current packs, for that pick up zone.  
If your dog hasn't been placed within 3 months, please re-apply.

Please read our Terms & Conditions and Waiver of Liability & Frequently Asked Questions before booking.

Note: Our walking locations may have Wandering Jew and other allergens, and is unavoidable. 

Join The Waitlist
Please complete a separate form for each dog you want to join. 
Your dog's gender
What Would You Like To Book? (Multiple days only available where suitable space permits)
Knowledge of the basics. (Please select all actions your dog will perform when asked - without food, repeating commands or assistance.)
Has Your Dog Been Neutered / Spayed? * (Required from 9 months)
Choose photo

Thanks. I'll be in touch if a suitable space opens up.

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