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By requesting and using our services (including, but not limited to, instruction by phone, email, text, social media in person), you acknowledge and agree to our Terms & Conditions and Waiver of Liability. We may change these at any time without notice.


In these Terms & Conditions:

  • 'you', 'your', 'dog owner' refers to the person requesting and using our services.

  • 'Our', 'we', 'us' refers to Dogs By Beks

  • ‘Services ’ refers to our website, online booking, online store and the adventure/walks/coaching services listed on our website.

  • 'Price' means the price of the service including admin and fees, as listed on the website and agreed between you and Dogs By Beks.

  • 'Regular' is a weekly booking.

  • 'Casual' & 'Trial' is a booking(s) with short term frequency.

Walk, Adventure & Coaching Services

  • You can choose from the following booking types: 

    • Walks

      • Regular - weekly (one or more per week)

      • Casual - past clients only

      • Trial

    • Adventures

      • Regular - weekly (one or more per week)

      • Casual - past clients only

    • Coaching

      • 1.5 - 2 hour session with owners

      • 1 hour follow up session

      • Solo walk - dog only

  • Booking priority will be given to most suitable dogs first.

  • To be placed into a regular adventure or walk, dogs must complete at least 1-3 trial walks for assessment. Dependent on outcome, dogs may either then be placed into a scheduled timeslot, or be required to complete solo walks to acclimatise and/or meet acceptable standards. 

  • Walks & Adventures will take place in locations both open to the public and on private property. As such, we may come across the general public or livestock. Dogs will be expected to respect their space and the environment around them.

  • Regular dogs may be placed into an alternative day if a pack is deemed unsuitable, or if operations need to be cancelled or altered on a regular scheduled day.

  • Coaching priority will be given to owners with current Adventure or Walk bookings, and then as space permits.

  • While we will endeavour to help you achieve your goals with your dog, there is no guarantee our services will resolve unwanted behaviours or other issues.


  • To enable us to provide the right service for your dog, it is your responsibility to provide as much relevant information as possible for us to assess your dog and assign placement, and to disclose all risks, dangers and medical conditions. 

  • Dogs must be in good health, physically fit for up to 3-4 hours exercise, vaccinated for kennel cough and other communicable diseases such as parvovirus and leptospirosis, and be regularly treated for worms and fleas.

  • Dogs over 9 months must be neutered or spayed. 

    • Where exceptions are made, you acknowledge:

      • all associated risks are the owner's responsibility, such as, but not limited to:

        • pregnancy, flight risk to dog's on heat, fighting, unwanted attention, behaviourial issues​/outcomes, and Dogs By Beks will not be held accountable.

      • related cancellations (eg on heat, pregnancy or surgery) will be at the full rate.

  • It is the responsibility of the dog owner to address any behavioural or training issues, ensure their dog is of an acceptable standard for group adventures, is regularly exercised outside of adventures, and to complete assigned homework. 

  • Dogs must not have harmed or acted aggressively towards other dogs or people, or been recorded as menacing.

  • Some dogs may not be suited to the service, or to existing packs, even if well-socialised. 

  • We reserve the right to refuse service to any dog at any time.


Hours of Operation & Pick Up/Drop Offs 

  • Adventures are scheduled Monday to Thursday in the morning. Walks are scheduled on Fridays. Trial Walks will be scheduled as space permits.

  • Walks & Adventures run all-year round, in most conditions, except for Public Holidays (unless advised). Cancellations may occur in very heavy storm/wind conditions.

  • Pick ups times may vary at our discretion but will typically be between 7-10am.

  • Specific pick up times will be confirmed 12-24 hours beforehand.

  • In summer months, we may operate an earlier or later timetable on days where we need to keep dogs out of the heat or off hot sand as much as possible.

  • Included pick up and drop offs are within the Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt area (excluding Wainuiomata & Eastbourne, and properties with difficult access). 

  • Pick up and drop offs must be from and to a secure location. Where a secure location isn't feasible, and you won't be there to meet us, a minder/kennel must be pre-arranged.

  • Dogs must be ready to go at least 5-10 minutes before the scheduled pick up time - fed, harness on and toileted.

  • We reserve the right to leave a dog we are unable to collect at the scheduled time or who isn't ready. No refund will be given.

  • We are unable to hold your dog after an adventure, unless otherwise arranged. A fee of $50 per hour will be payable due to impacts on operations & additional travel cost. 

Payment Terms

  • Prices for services are as indicated on the website, and/or the invoices provided by us to you in respect of services supplied.

  • Invoices will be emailed to the email address provided at booking.

  • Payment is to be made by automatic payment for regular walks & adventures, and internet transfer or direct credit for other activity & purchases.

  • Payment is due 24 hours before each walk or adventure, or before accessories are ordered. 

  • Late payment may incur a fee of 5% of any outstanding invoice, calculated every week the invoice is outstanding. Services may be withheld or terminated if invoices are outstanding. 

  • Invoices which remain unpaid for longer than 60 days may be referred for collection, and will include any costs incurred for debt recovery.

  • Surcharges may apply, such as for soiling or harness rental.

Holidays & Cancellations

  • If your dog can't attend for any reason, the following applies:

    • More than 48 hours notice:

      • Adventures & Walks - $25 to hold your dogs place in their scheduled pack.

      • Coaching – 50% will be payable, unless another waitlisted customer is available.

      • Casual & First Trial Walk - can be cancelled without charge.

    • Less than 48 hours notice:

      • 100% of the invoiced amount will be payable. 

    • Cancellation related to non-fixed dogs or within the 30-day notice period:

      • 100% will be payable. 

  • Placement can be held for a maximum of 4 weeks or at our discretion, and may be terminated by us after that.

  • 30 days notice is required to terminate adventures or walks, or reduce their frequency.

    • Payment in lieu of notice will be charged at the full rate for each remaining scheduled walk or adventure.

    • In the event termination is due to significant injury or illness, the notice period may be reduced to 14 days notice at our discretion, and rate reduced to 50%. (Evidence may be required.) 

Tools & Equipment

  • All dogs must be secured within the vehicles during transportation with a suitable safety harness. If you don't have a suitable safety harness, one can be rented or purchased from us. Our preferred harness is the EzyDog QuickFit or Chestplate harness for ease of use, resistance to salt and wear, and reduced likelihood for slippage.

  • We prefer not to secure a dog by its collar, however in the event a suitable harness isn't supplied or rented, this will be the chosen method of securing your dog, and any liability rests with the owner.

  • Dogs may be required to wear a muzzle, halti, harness, lead, electronic collar or other training aid or restraint during an adventure or transportation for the health and safety of themselves and of others (dogs, handlers, general public, stock etc), or to aid in communication and learning.


  • We will ensure belongings are secure, use of equipment is supervised and dogs are under our control, however in the event:

    • a dog intentionally damages our equipment (or that of another dog), such as chewing through a halti or lead, the replacement cost will be charged back to the dog owner, at the full Recommended Retail Price (RRP).

    • a dog causes harm or damages property of others (including livestock), any medical expenses, damages and other related costs will be the sole responsibility of the dog owner.


  • Whilst every care will be taken to ensure the safety of your dog in our care and risks are managed and mitigated, due to the nature of activity there is an inherent risk of injury, illness or disorientation during their adventure or transportation, and we will not be liable for any injuries, illness or expenses as a result. 

  • In an emergency, we will contact the primary dog owner or emergency contact on the numbers provided to agree a course of action. If the primary dog owner or emergency contact is unable to be reached, we will either:

    • transport your dog to the nearest vet

    • request onsite vet treatment

    • transport your dog to the nearest emergency clinic if the first 2 options aren't feasible.

  • All expenses incurred are the responsibility of the dog owner.

Use of Information

  • Photos, videos, comments and stories of and about your dog may be used by for marketing and PR purposes.

  • See our full Privacy Policy for use and collection of data.

Dispute resolution

We will endeavour to resolve any dispute. Please notify us as early as possible of any issues or concerns.
Waiver of Liability

Whilst every care will be taken to ensure the safety of your dog in our care and risks are managed and mitigated, by booking your dog in with Dogs By Beks, you acknowledge and accept the following:

  • There are inherent risks with on and off lead walk and adventure activity and transportation such as injury, illness & disorientation, but the risks outweigh the benefits, and Dogs By Beks or its employees or partners are not liable for any injuries, illnesses or expenses resulting from their activity or transportation.

  • You have taken all necessary steps to ensure your dog(s) can be traced back to you (eg registered, collar tag with name & phone number, microchipping).

  • You confirm your dog has not harmed or shown aggressive behaviour towards another person or dog, and/or been recorded as menacing.

  • Dogs By Beks reserves the right to refuse service to any dog which, at their discretion, may be deemed unsuitable and/or has or does act aggressively.

  • There may be times for the health and safety of handlers, dogs, people, stock etc that your dog(s) may be required to wear a muzzle, slip lead/collar, electronic collar, harness or other related tool, and agree these can be used on your dog. You also agree to ensure my dog is wearing a well-fitted collar they can't slip out of.

  • You understand educating and training my dog(s) on appropriate behaviour, manners, walking on a lead etc is your responsibility and agree to work with your dog(s) if any behaviours are noted during Adventures and Walks. You also agree to maintain a regular exercise schedule outside of Adventures & Walks.

  • Your dog(s) has been vaccinated for kennel cough and other communicable diseases, is up to date with flea & worm treatments, is in good health, and hasn't had any communicable disease within the last 30 days. You also acknowledge that vaccinations do not protect against communicable illnesses.

  • You have disclosed all risks, dangers & medical conditions associated with your dog(s) to Dogs By Beks, and that your dog(s) is physically fit for up to 3 hours exercise and is medically cleared (if required) to participate.

  • You agree in an emergency Dogs By Beks will contact you on the numbers provided to agree a course of action, and if unable to be reached, authorise Dogs By Beks to either 1) transport my dog(s) to the nearest vet, 2) request onsite vet treatment or 3) transport my dog(s) to the nearest emergency clinic if the first 2 options aren't feasible. 

  • You are solely responsible, as the dog's owner, for any medical expenses, damages or harm caused by your dog(s) while attending an Adventure or Walk.

  • You waive all claims or actions against Dogs By Beks, its employees or partners relating to the care, control, health and/or safety of my dog(s) arising while your dog(s) is in their care, and indemnify and hold harmless Dogs By Beks, and their employees and partners of and from any and all claims, demands, losses, causes of action, damage, lawsuits, judgments, including attorneys' fees and costs.

Last updated April 2022.

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