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If you're struggling with leadership and communication, and your dog doesn't listen, has a few unwanted behaviours or pulls hard on a lead, you and your dog may benefit from coaching sessions.


Unlike most training that focuses on the dog, my coaching is focused on helping the owner, and teaches you how to create a better relationship with your dog, communicate clearly, and the basics to walk a dog on a loose lead. In turn, this coaching may help with the foundations you need to address unwanted behaviour, however if your dog needs more attention to address training and behaviourial issues, I will recommend a local trainer.

Coaching Sessions

  • Walk Your Dog - Follow Up (up to 90 mins) - $150

    • We review what you've been putting into practice and build on the previous learning (extended time).

  • Other Learning (1 hour) - $100 - by request only

    • Have a new puppy or want to stop other unwanted behaviour? Ask if we can help.

  • Travel Time - $10 (outside Lower Hutt Central)

$25 charged per 15 mins over the allocated time. Wellington area only (Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Wellington City, Porirua & Northern Suburbs). Not suitable for kids. 

Online Tutorials.

Follow Dogs By Beks on TikTok for leadership tips and advice, fun vids from our adventures and learn how to walk your dog nicely on lead.

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