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Adventures & Walks.

Waitlist applies.

Adventures explore a mix of outdoor locations around the Wellington region, getting your dog away from the backyard & neighbourhood, and into places they can sniff out new smells and get good exercise across different terrain, as they learn to interact with other dogs and act calmly with the pack, and come home tired and happy. Walks are shorter in easier terrain, and on leash only.

Your dog will be taught what they don't know. They'll learn to see their handler as relevant, to work together, ignore distractions, how to problem solve and make good decisions, focus on the basics, walk on loose leads and just 'be' around real world distractions. All while gaining confidence and greater freedom.


Each Adventure or Walk includes coaching & leadership, and dogs are taught to act within the boundaries and expectations of the pack, with a calm mind & body.

  Pick up and drop off

  On & off leash options (dog, adventure & location dependent)

  Beach, bush, trails, walkway & city-life locations

  Secure, insulated & air-conditioned transport

  Experienced dog handler in managing packs, body language & behaviour

✓  Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR, and fully insured

✓  Wellington City Council Licenced Commercial Dog Walker

Your options.


2 - 3 hours exercise & learning

Adventures are the all-round experience helping dogs learn, grow, relax, gain confidence & build social skills with other dogs in their regular weekly pack.

  • Mix of on & off leash pack walks, play, exploring & real-world socialisation

  • Bush, forest, hill, beach, city, trail locations

  • Training included

  • Up to 3 x Pre-Adventure Trials required

  • Mondays to Thursdays

Per dog per Adventure:
$55 - Weekly spot

Lower Hutt & Upper Hutt Pick Up Zone
(excl Eastbourne & Wainuiomata)



1 - 1.5 hours exercise & learning

On leash Walks help dogs with the basics, real-world distractions and how to follow, while experiencing the bonds of being part of a pack.

  • Designed for dogs with limited skills, reactivity or reduced exercise needs (eg puppies from 8 months, small dogs, post injury, older dogs).

  • Training included

  • 1 x Pre-Walk Trial required

  • Fridays

Per dog per Walk:
$50 - Weekly spot

Lower Hutt & Silverstream Pick Up Zone
(excl Eastbourne & Wainuiomata)

Dogs are booked into a regular weekly slot, and head out with the same pack each week to establish pack bonds and routine. Behaviours are managed to ensure balance is maintained and dogs remain under control. Care is taken to assess your dog and introduce them to a group that best suits them, and this may change as dogs come in and out of packs, so for this reason, a choice of day is unfortunately not possible. 

All new dogs must complete a trial walk before being offered a place in an existing pack, and may need to complete additional solo walks to get up-to-speed and adventure-ready. 


Pick up and drop off is included, and total time away includes exercise, travel time and pick up/drop offs of all dogs. We often stay out exploring longer or travel further so total duration can vary.

Waitlist applies.

30 days notice of cancellation or payment in lieu of notice is required. Prices shown are in New Zealand Dollars & are inclusive of GST. Terms & Conditions and Waiver of Liability applies.

Other fees & charges.

The following fees & charges may be payable as required:

Adventure - Casual 

Walk - Casual

Walk - Trial / Solo
Harness Rental

Soil in Vehicle

Equipment Damage​

Non-Attendance (+48hrs)

Non-Attendance (<48hrs)

$60 (Past clients)

$55 (Past clients)




Full replacement


Full payment


Walks & Adventures are suited to dogs who are social, and can handle on average 3 hours of on-the-go exercise (adventures), or 1.5 hours (walks) in different terrain. 

Dogs must:

  be aged 12 months & older (Adventures) or from 8-9 months (Walks)

  be used to walking on a lead 

  not be aggressive

  be neutered or spayed 

  understand basic commands, and can perform a sit & down

  have good recall 

  be able to travel in a vehicle without getting carsick or soil

  be up to date with vaccinations, flea & worm treatment

  not chew restraints, leads etc

✓  wear quality, fitted collars with council tags, name & phone

✓  have or rent a travel harness (I recommend EzyDog)

Ideally, dogs will also:

  not react to other dogs, stock & moving targets (bikes, runners, cars etc)

  have good manners eg no jumping, snatching, mouthing etc

  be microchipped

However, I can work with many of those things.

Why we're different.

From the moment your dog is picked up, to when they're dropped home again, I keep the dogs energy calm, so the dogs can maintain a balanced state of mind, and go with the flow of the pack. They're given a job to do, and they take their job seriously. 

I spend time bonding with each dog, getting to know their likes and dislikes, and how they learn, so I can work with them in ways that suit them best. This then means I can better match dogs, energies, and temperaments, and keep dogs learning and working together.


When adventuring, dogs are kept on lead for several weeks when they start out while they learn the ropes from myself and the other dogs, or if ears switch off. This helps set (or reset) expectations, establish a relationship with the dog, and minimises risk of the dog taking off. 


Pack sizes are limited to allow time to work with each dog as needed, and dogs are added in order of best fit and suitability. New dogs are introduced slowly to give them time to find their place - much like first days at a new school. Some take longer than others, and some are better suited moved to a different group, and that's OK. Ultimately it's about what suits both the dog and the pack. 


Few treats are needed, if any - dogs are taught to keep their handler relevant through mutual trust and respect, not food.

I provide owners with guidance or homework as needed, without judgement. My aim is to help you help the dogs live their best life.

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