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My Story.

"When I started out on my journey with Border Collies (Nellie & Gus), I was keen for my dogs to get out and enjoy life, spending time away from their neighbourhood exploring in the fresh air, using their noses and running free, and getting enriching activity while I was at work. This became my starting point for change.


After years in the corporate world, I chose to commit to a better life for my dogs & others in Taranaki, and started out adventuring with the dogs in 2018. Since then, I've immersed myself in the dog world, getting to know and understand the indepth workings of how dogs' minds tick, what they respond to, how to get the best out of them. I've refined how I teach and handle dogs, learning how to intuitively bring a calm & assertive energy to the way I manage packs, and transform dogs as they learn how to quieten their minds, even at play, and make appropriate choices.

In 2021, I made the move home to Wellington where I grew up, and continue to offer dogs the chance to live their best life.

Dogs By Beks is about being
 a premium service you can trust, where you and your dogs come first."





Beks is the founder of Dogs By Beks, with experience in managing mixed breed packs, handling multiple dogs at one time, dog body language and behaviour, and has a natural ability to work with and build relationships with dogs. Her style is very much her own, with a focus on structure, routine and coaching each dog to become a better version of themselves within the pack environment. Beks also coaches owners to become a better leader to their dog, within a walking setting, and is the designer behind the items you can buy through the Dogs By Beks store.


Beks is one of the first Licenced Commercial Dog Walkers with Wellington City Council, is certified in pet first aid & CPR through PET First Aid Training NZ, and brings more than 20 years local and international business experience, specialising in Digital, Travel & Entertainment Marketing.



From pound pup to loving life. When Nellie was rescued at age 4, she came with extreme fear and zero knowledge of the world around her. She now loves balls, sticks, toys and the outdoors and has built her confidence greatly over the years. Nellie is mostly retired from Adventures now, but still comes for the odd run or helps teach new dogs. She has a gentle, easy-going nature and is ideal for most dogs to explore with.

IMG_0241 (2).JPG



Gus is a smart pup with endless energy who loves the outdoors, and who has matured into a lead dog. He is the dog who helps set the tone, and who the other dogs look to. He helps manage the packs, settle silliness, and gives guidance to dogs who need help with social skills, manners and reading the room. His fun nature also helps build confidence in dogs who need extra help to come out of their shell. 


  • Trusted, to act responsibly and do the right thing.
  • Dogs & people first, everytime.
  • Premium in our approach.
  • Easy & simple to find and use our services.
  • Love & respect for what we do & who we do it for.
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